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End of year (EOY) judging

Entries close 10th June 2017

Please note the following information re End of Year Judging for 2017.
As you will be aware a new system was introduced in 2014 for End of Year Judging simply to help expedite what is an ever increasing workload resulting from an increase in entries.
As previously discussed this system proved to be an outstanding success and will be followed again this year with a new section being introduced i.e. Nature. As shown on ​ the attached ​ Entry Form, it is your responsibility to nominate what section you want an entry to be included eg Mono, People, Landscape, Nature or Open. This can be done by indicating with a "X" under the particular heading. If such indication is not shown then such section will be nominated ​by the organizers ​at time of registration of entry.

EOY Q & A.

Q - "What if I have a number of eg Monochrome Entries I wish to enter for Judging? Am I able to nominate more than one for that section?"
A - "Yes- providing such entry fits into that section you will be able to nominate as many as you like up to six. Please remember that an entry can only be entered into one section."

Q - "Who can enter this Judging?"
A - "All entrants must be currently financial members and have entered work in at least three (3) monthly competitions during the competition year in each section which they wish to compete for annual awards. In applying this rule."

Q - "What is the Competition Year?"
A - "This covers from August 2015 to June 2016(incl)."

Q - "What Print entries are able to be submitted for Judging?"
A - "The answer is that ALL entries must have been shown within the current Competition Year and must be the actual print and with the same title. The Matt board must have the Monthly Label attached and no sign of the Entrant's details other than his/her Member's Number. ​ If an entry has been rematted discuss this with the Competition Secretary."

Q - "What about Altered Reality Prints?"
A - "The same requirement as for Prints."

Q - "What about Electronic Digital Images?"
A - "Again these images must have been shown within the same Competition Year. However all that is required is to name the particular image on entry form and ​the month it was entered. Such image will be retrieved from Club Records. This will be the same image that was entered into the Monthly Competition."

Q - "What about EDI Portfolio?".
A - "See previous information, ​No need to resubmit the files."

Q - "What about Print Portfolios?"
A - "There are two print portfolios, Altered Reality Prints and Open Prints ('Open' includes set subject prints, as Open and Set Subject Prints are regarded as the same section for EOY Awards). Altered Reality prints cannot be submitted into Open section ​ or vice versa"

Q - "How many images are required for a portfolio?"
A - "Any portfolio needs 6 images. Note that you may enter less than 6 images into any section of the awards - these images will not be eligible for the portfolio judging but will be judged for other awards."

Q - "Where do I get an entry form and what then?"
A - "Download the 2016 EOY entry form and Please print same and complete details and place on top of entries when placing same into the appropriate Box at Club. Please note above closure date. Late entries will NOT be accepted."

Awards are as follows:

Category "A"- re-submission is NOT required.

  • Print Photographer of the Year ("A" and "B")- Aggregate scores from throughout Year.
  • Altered Reality Photographer of the Year - Aggregate scores from throughout the Year.
  • EDI Photographer of the Year - Aggregate scores from throughout the Year.
  • Ted Rogers Memorial Trophy - for Meritorious effort in B & W prints.
  • Fred Williams Memorial Trophy - for Meritorious effort in Colour Prints.
  • EDI Trophy - for Meritorious effort in Electronic images.
  • Nick Majetic Award - for helping and mentoring within the Club.
  • Potter Memorial Trophy - for Clubmanship (awarded by President).

Category "B" where submission of work/titles IS required.

  • Print Portfolio of the Year (Open & Set Subject)
  • Altered Reality Print Portfolio of the Year.
  • Electronic Image Portfolio of the Year - note that images are not to be resubmitted, ONLY titles of images - images are in Club records.
  • Print of the Year (Open & Set Subject) - both "A" and "B" Grades.
  • Altered Reality Print of the Year.
  • Electronic Image of the Year - both "A" and "B" Grades - note that images are not to be submitted, ONLY titles of images - images are in Club records.
  • Humorous , Quirky etc Image of the Year. Selected from images submitted.
  • Colour Landscape/Seascape Print of the Year.
  • People Picture of the Year.
  • Monochrome Print of the Year.
  • Nature Image of the Year.
  • B&W Landscape Print of the Year (Darkroom Print).

Suitable Category B entries will be automatically judged for the following (no need to nominate for these awards on form):-

  • Colour Landscape PRINT of the Year (includes Seascapes)
  • Monochrome PRINT of the Year (selected from Monochrome section entries)
  • People Picture of the Year (either Print or EDI) (selected from People section entries)
  • Nature image of the Year (either Print or EDI) (selected from Nature section entries)
  • Humorous/Quirky etc Image of the Year (either Print or EDI)
  • Altered Reality PRINT of the Year (selected from Altered Reality section entries)
  • B&W Landscape Print of the Year (a self-produced Darkroom Print).​

If any member is unsure of any of the foregoing please discuss same with Competition Secretary.

Additional Comments for Information.

Winners of "B" Grade sections are not automatically promoted to "A" Grade.
This is necessary to ensure that a worker is not put into a grade where he/she is not competitive.
​Grades are generally based on your average score in a section throughout the year.
Any member who feels aggrieved by being in the wrong grade may request consideration for re-classification by the Committee.
The Committee will make the final decisions on classifications.