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EDI Submission Guidelines

To assist the Competition Secretary, please use the correct file naming format, as described below and in full on the Competitions page:

Please follow this tutorial if you are unsure on how to resize your images for uploading. icon

Electronic images must be sRGB images sized so that they will fit within a box 1920px wide by 1080px high.
Note that the heights of a portrait style image cannot be more than 1080px.

Maximum File Size is 1.5MB.

IMAGE TITLE, IMAGE FILE NAME ( the name of your file becomes your image title).

An example :   Mt-Buffalo-007.jpg

Mt-Buffalo = Image title with letters, numbers and spaces only, then - (a dash) is used to separate the image title from the member number.

007 = member number (due to increased club members any 1 or 2 digit membership numbers must be written as 3 digit numbers by adding zeros at the start ).

.jpg (don't type in ".jpg" – this extension will be added to the file name when you save your image in jpg format ready for uploading).

EDI Submission Form

Fields marked with an * are required fields.