Geelong Camera Club

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Member Entitlements

Photoshop Special Interest Group - Meets the first Monday in the month.
Bring along a laptop with a version of Adobe Photoshop installed.
Please contact Graham Mourney if you are interested. more >>

Morning Coffee Group - Meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday morning from 10.00am to Midday.

Dry Mounting Press - A large press is available to assist in preparing prints for display. All mounting tissue and release paper is to be supplied by the user. Fee of $2.00 per session.

Members Library - Instructional, special interest & general photographic books and magazines are available for borrowing, in addition to special editions by prominent photographers.
Limit 3 books for 2 weeks.
Register to be completed. Honour system applies.

Newsletters - A newsletter is published each month in PDF format and can be downloaded via the club newsletters page!

After a qualifying Membership period of three months:

Studio - The main hall of the club room is also used as a studio, and we also have our own lighting equipment and backdrops.

Hire of hall, using own lighting - $10.
Hire of hall with club lighting - $30 with a $50 bond.
**(Club lighting is not available unless user has been instructed in use of lights and equipment.)

Hall hire available only to members of 3 months standing or greater.

Darkroom - A fully equipped darkroom is also available for hire to members. All paper and chemicals are to be supplied by the user. Hire fee is $6.00 per session.

Also available to Members

"Introduction to Photography" Course - We offer an annual course and this runs for one night per week (usually Tuesdays) for 2 hours, over an eight week period. The Instructors are talented and experienced photographers from the club. more >>

Competitions - On the first Wednesday of each month, we hold a club competition that is judged by either a local, Melbourne or country judge. more >>

Syllabus - Geelong Camera Club Inc. includes a wide variety of activities and guest speakers, as well as field trips and social events. We encourage members families to also participate in club events. more >>

Member Discounts

Discounts are available to you as a Club member upon presentation of your current Membership Card.

A full list of sponsors and relevant discounts can be found on the notice board at the Club rooms.

Further businesses offering discounts will be advised as they become available.

More Important Links for Members

Members should submit their digital projected images directly via the following link :-
Online Competition entry.

Prints and slides are submitted to the Competition Secretary according to the schedule in the :-
Competition rules.

VAPS Model   Release Forms
Includes a number of adult releases, both basic and more elaborate,
(1) underage/minor release,
(1) property release and
(1) unpaid model release.

NOTE: These forms are publicly available on the Internet and have been extracted and presented here as a fast-track aid.

The Collection is a complete set of release documents on single and seperate pages in a single PDF document.
Use them as written or as a basis in developing your own versions.
There are spaces for your name, company name and logo, as well as the obligitory model details.

Online (DOF) depth of field calculator - Versatile reference tool quickly teaches depth of field control

Online DOF Master hyperfocal Chart - Can print charts of hyperfocal distance for a range of lenses.