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Set Subjects

Set Subject Definitions for the Syllabus 2016

  • February 2016 - 'Abstract, shape & design in Nature.'-.
    The abstract nature of the image needs to be present in the real subject, with its abstract design or shape captured in camera, not artificially created in post processing or by unusual camera technique.

  • April 2016 - 'Iconic Geelong' –
    Any subject which others would recognise as iconic Geelong..

  • June 2016 - 'Landscape/Seascape, in Mono' –
    Landscape includes urban landscape (in a city environment).

  • September 2016 - 'Opposites' -
    A a single image making use of the opposite nature of its subject material.

  • November 2016 - 'Triptych Sequence' -
    This needs to be three related images making a sequence, in one matt.

**Note - All Set Subject images must have been taken in the 12 months before the competition date and must follow the guidelines of the Open Prints competition section, as in GCC By-Law 6.5.3.

GCC By-Law 6.5.3
This section allows digital manipulation provided the content of the image appears as a natural and realistic photographic image.

A uniform monochrome presentation based on black or any other colour is regarded as realistic, but use of partial or full monochrome in limited areas of a colour print is not regarded as realistic. (e.g. “Colour popping”)

Prints not complying with the above-mentioned conditions must be presented in the “Altered Reality” section. (If there is no Altered Reality Section in that month, the image will be rejected).