Last Wednesday night’s club evening (27th July) the GCC Inc Annual General Meeting was held which resulted in the nomination and election of the Committees office holders (President; Vice-President; Secretary and Treasurer) and ordinary members.

The evening witnessed the re-election of last-years office holders but with one alteration being the change of Paul Franks from Vice-President to President and Nick Abbott-Young from President to Vice-President.


The AGM saw the retirement of 2 ordinary members (Sandy Mahon and Toni Orlando) and the election of 3 new members (Sue Wilson; Sheryle Griffiths and Robert Long) as the number of ordinary members was increased from 6 to 7 for the next year.


The clubs new committee comprises:

President:                      Paul Franks

Vice-President:             Nick Abbott-Young

Secretary:                      Paul Muir

Treasurer:                      Sandra McArthur

Ordinary Members:     Steve Davies

                                        David Rendle

                                        Lyndall Abbott-Young

                                        Chris Reichl

                                        Sheryle Griffiths

                                        Sue Wilson

                                        Robert Long


Congratulations to all the 2022-23 GCC Committee members and welcome on board to those new members. Also a thank you to the retiring committee members for their service over the past year.


During the evening we also observed the appointments of a variety of club members to a significant number of non-committee positions. Congratulations to these individuals and thank you for offering your time and expertise in your respective roles for the year ahead.