An evening with a diversity of presentations opened by Ross Hyde and Heather Prince on the topic of Techniques on sharpening images and dealing with blown highlights.

Ross explained the purpose and how the technique of sharpening effects the image. He then walked us through his initial Lightroom workflow and then delivered an example of his approach to sharpening and noise reduction providing substantive detail behind the purpose and effect of each slider in the Detail Panel. Ross also illustrated how to use the Lightroom masking tools to concentrate where the sharpening can be targeted rather than a global sharpen to the image.

Heather demonstrated the multitude of different sharpening options in Photoshop and indicated that not all sharpening options are optimal as each has a different effect and result on the image. Some options are better than others but it is a matter of practice, gaining knowledge to determine which type of image is treated accordingly with the type of Photoshop sharpening tool. Heather also mentioned that you can also target your sharpening to a specific part of the image for the desired results.

Heather also walked us through how to deal with blown highlights in several different ways. Again, Photoshop provides a multitude of choices and it’s the usual trial and error approach as too what will work best with the blown highlight circumstance. Heather demonstrated the content aware, healing brush and the clone stamp tools to demonstrate the success or otherwise of the effect of these tools. Heather pointed out that the results can be finessed by using the opacity and blend layers options and also using the Blend-if tool is also useful in blending any of the tool results.


Heather then followed up with an entertaining segment about Audio Visual production. Tools such as Powerpoint are practical but Heather has used FotoMagico, a slide show maker for the MAC and iPad, for creating her AV’s. For competitions, Heather informed us that it is a requirement to keep an AV to 3:21 minute’s duration. Heather showed 4 of her AV creations ranging from serious topics to the humorous all of which captivated the audience.

The evening was then wrapped up by David Rendle who provided some more insights into the makers and subject matter of another 3 images from the club archives that now are hanging on a wall in the club room.




The guest speaker for the evening was Amanda Blanksby who spoke about Underwater Photography.


  • Amanda Blanksby, based in Perth, is a keen underwater photographer and is the vice president of the Western Australia Underwater Photographic Society (WAUPS).

  • Amanda has been scuba diving for more than 20 years, and got hooked on underwater photography over 10 years ago when she joined WAUPS. Since then she has travelled to photograph coral reefs in Indonesia, snorkelled with humpback whales in Tonga, and dived various reefs, wrecks and jetties at locations along the Western Australia coastline.

  • Her presentation, simply titled ‘Underwater Photography”, focussed on the basics including equipment, lighting, macro and wide angle, challenges encountered and provided some image tales along the way.


Whilst unlikely that any club member will take on serious underwater photography, Amanda provided a comprehensive background on the required kit for both photography and diving and spoke about the difficulties of travelling due to the considerable weight.


Amanda highlighted that in many respects underwater photography follows the usual concepts of composition, lighting, subject eye(s) in sharp focus and so forth. Underwater challenges included colour variations that occurs at various depths, the direction of natural light and back scatter when using strobes which light up particles in the water in between the lens and the subject and sometimes behind the subject.


Amanda's thorough and interesting presentation was illustrated with many exceptional photographs which portrayed a photographic genre and an environment that we rarely get to see.

The evening was then closed out by David Rendle who provided some further insights into the makers and subject matter of another 3 images from the club archives that now are hanging on a wall in the club room.





A varied and notable club night. The evening commenced with the Winning Images Discussion segment by Gerry Van Der Meer and Chris George providing the background and insights into their recent club award winning images.


Gerry spoke of his story in capturing the image of a Curlew at Serendip Sanctuary and how he decided on the final image from several images which were shown. Gerry also described his camera setting and his small amount of post-processing to produce the final image. The final print result was a very striking portrait.


Chris gave us the background story of his EDI creation Stacked Chairs. Chris showed us the before scenario of where the chairs were situated in the Geelong Library and explained his thought processes on relocating/positioning them and developing his final setup to create his image. With some careful post processing he produced a remarkable black & white abstract. 


We then heard from David Rendle who provided fascinating insights into the authors and topics about 3 images from the club archives that have been copied, mounted and now are hanging on a wall in the club room. The images themselves were selected by our past archivist, Gloria Van Der Meer, for David to tackle the task of mounting, framing and hanging. In all, there are presently 11 framed images in the "archivist gallery" with some more to come and David will speak to another 3 next week.


The evening then wrapped up with a very interactive workshop developing ideas and suggested proposals for the club's syllabus. The ideas/suggestions came fairly thick and fast and it was terrific to see everyone putting forward their thoughts. Many members were willing to suggest multiple ideas that were warmly received. There were numerous excellent proposals captured and no doubt they will be incorporated into the syllabus over the months ahead.


The club competition, held on 7th September for Open Print, EDI and Set Subject Sports/Action, was adjudicated by guest judge Mark Bloot’hoofd who has judged at Camera Clubs, including GCC previously, for over 20 years and is a current member of the APJA.

Mark has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He is the current Photographic Manager at Arthur Reed Photos that specialises in School Photos which involves class and portrait photography but also includes Graduation, Kinder, sport teams, event, corporate and promotional photography. Mark has also done press photographic work for the regional paper, The Portland Observer.


While photography is Mark's profession, it is also his interest and hobby. Mark enjoys landscape, nature and uses photography as a reason to get out and see the world.

At the end of the meeting, Mark provided an AV presentation on Arthur Reed Photos school classes and portrait photography work.

Congratulations to all the winning entries on the night which comprised of a considerable number of excellent images. The winning images can be viewed on the websites Gallery page.