Tonight’s education session was a workshop centered on the topic ‘Scapes, Why, What, When and Where which was organised and hosted by Sandy Mahon.

This was an interactive workshop whereby members organised themselves into four equal sized groups. Each group was required to produce a summarised written/pictorial article canvassing the rationale based on one topic they were given of the four: Why, What, When and Where.

One scribe and two presenters from each group were nominated. Each group were given a very large sheet of paper to write their reasons, rationale, thoughts, motives and purposes to explain the answer(s) to their specific topic. Each written sheet was supplemented with images cut from supplied photographic magazines to reinforce the responses to the questions.

Using their experience, knowledge and competence, members on each table collaborated enthusiastically to complete their article which, in turn, was then presented to the other members present.

With plenty of vibe coming from each group, it was a fun and enjoyable evening as well as being educational. Well done to Sandy for putting together the concept.


​The Guys v Gals competition has returned with the Gals historically having the better of the Guys. David Rendle explained the rules for the competition being:

         - Print only competition

         - Open Subject but Altered Reality is OK

         - The spirit of this competition is to submit an image that is less than 12 months old

         - Closure date is Wednesday 5th October

The draw was conducted for 15 Guys then 15 Gals being drawn with 3 reserves for each gender.





The Essendon Interclub was held via Zoom and the images judged by Vicki Moritz. The standard of work displayed was high but the overall result didn’t quite fall our way as Essendon pipped Geelong by 2 points, 356 to 354. The breakdown as follows:

     Print:     Essendon 176; Geelong 184

     DPI:       Essendon 180: Geelong 170


However, Geelong did take away the best print and best DPI. Congratulations to Heather Prince for Stars Only Shine in the Dark for best print and Dee Kelly for Madonna after Baptiste for best DPI. Please see their winning images below.











Three club members presented to the club their photographic interests and experiences. First up was Judy Medwell who spoke about her approach and results with bird photography providing insights into her club award winning images. "Camouflage", a Tawny Frogmouth, won the 2022 Nature Image of the Year EDI and Judy explained how it was a pure chance encounter. Judy also elaborated on several of her other images which have been entered and successful in a variety of club competitions. Judy described her current kit and some of her preferred camera settings and acknowledges that she is still on a learning path but it's a genre that’s gives her enjoyment and satisfaction.


Next, Judith Wood spoke about a weekly photographic challenge project called 52 Frames which is a free community of photography enthusiasts from around the world, working together to improve their photography skills, one week at a time. Each week members are given a weekly guided photo challenge, then share their work and get feedback from the 52 Frames community. There are, naturally, some project guidelines to ensure that weekly challenges are conducted fairly. Judith presented several of her images - and they don't have to be award winning images - they can be just for fun. Judith spoke enthusiastically about her experience and how much it has improved her thought processes and image making.


Finally, Peter Roupas presented something entirely different with 4 Audio Visual presentations. Each theme was linked to a particular music piece that, with his collection of images, resonated with Peter. The images were taken around his farm or other local farming communities as well as around Geelong. The AV's were titled "Every Images Tells a Story; Scarecrow 2020; Geelong - Our Town and The Streets aren't for Dreaming Now. Peter explained how each piece of well-known music connected with him to create his visual stories. Mostly all in black & white, they personified the light & dark elements that exists in our environment and surroundings and possibly showed new facets of our locality to the members present.


A Q&A segment from the members was handled by each presenter at the conclusion of their presentations. A fascinating and enjoyable evening and well done to our presenters for the evening.



A variety of experiences and providers were described by presenters Chris Reichl, Sandra McArthur, Sheryle Griffiths and Paul Franks.

Chris spoke of her experiences with a group in Scotland and provided some thoughtful considerations on choosing a Photographic Tour / Workshop.

Sandra illustrated her recent experience of a 4 day wildlife & nature tour in Port Fairy/Warrnambool district seeking birdlife through to whales and including nocturnal adventures. Weather was uncooperative but the experience and expert knowledge provided by Treeswift Wildlife & Nature fittingly supplanted concerns about the conditions.

Sheryle gave her presentation on an experience to King Island with Ian Rolfe some years ago. King Island is windswept by the strong Roaring 40’s which made the conditions very cold. Arriving on a light aircraft, equipment and clothing had to be kept at a minimum. Sheryle highlighted the dangerous coastline which contained many shipwrecks including one of Australia’s worst disasters. Sheryle’s talk was highlighted with many maps and photographs of the terrain, seascapes and kelp harvesting which is exported as a dried, milled and granulated end product.

Paul gave a presentation on his tours to Patagonia in 2019 and the Kimberley in 2021 with World Photo Adventures, a Queensland based organisation. Paul highlighted his requirements and expectations of an Australian based Photographic Tour organisation to assist in fulfilling his photographic aspirations and destinations. Paul highlighted the process, the good and not so good and learning experiences whilst on tour. The presentation described the tour offerings and was illustrated with many photographs.


The club competition, held on 3rd August, was adjudicated by guest judge Paul Robinson AFIAP, AAPS, SSAPS, SSVAPS. Paul has authored three books, including a reference book ‘Judging Photographs’ and also is published in many magazines, books, brochures and catalogues.

At the end of the meeting, Paul provided a presentation on Architecture Photography with images from around the world by award winning photographers.

Congratulations to all the winning entries on the night which can be viewed on the Gallery page. A special mention goes out to a new member, Robert Young, who entered into his first competition and was awarded 1st place and a Merit in the Prints "B" grade category. Well done Robert.


Roberts efforts, as a first timer, was book-ended by one the clubs most experienced and awarded artist, Heather Prince, who obtained 1st & 2nd in the Prints "A" Grade category.


At last Wednesday night’s club evening we observed the announcements of the winning entries in the annual 2022 End of Year Awards as adjudicated by independent judges and the club Committee. Congratulations to all the successful winners and those acknowledged for their club contribution during the course of the year.

A gallery of the award winners and images can be located here.


SET SUBJECT "Movement" MEETING (13th July)

At last Wednesday night’s club evening we viewed the images of the set subject "Movement" as  captured by club members.

A variety of subject matter was captured but cars seemed to be popular. Congratulations to Chris George who secured 1st & 2nd place with his slow shutter speed in combination with Intentional Camera Movement of local footballers in action. Well done to Paul Franks for 3rd place of a slow shutter speed (2 seconds) capture of a river flow.










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