Resizing Electronic Digital Images

These instructions are for every instance where you need to submit an EDI including:

Monthly competitions

End of Year Awards

Interclub competitions

Other external competitions such as VAPS and Australia Cup

Sending to the webmaster to put on the website

Electronic images must be sRGB images sized so that they will fit within a box 1920px wide by 1080px high. 
Note that the height of a portrait style image cannot be more than 1080px.

Maximum File Size is 1.5MB. 

If you are not sure how to resize please follow this tutorial.

When you 'save as' your resized image, name the file this way:

* Image title  (eg. Mt Buffalo)

* Membership #  (eg. 007). 

   If your membership # has only 2 digits please include a zero at the start - write 007 - not just 07.

* Name of Competition  (eg. May Open EDI, June EDI Set Subject)

   (Note: spaces are permitted and .jpg will automatically appear at the end)

Your file name should look like this:

   eg:    Mt Buffalo 071 May Open EDI.jpeg

   or     Mt Buffalo 071 May Altered Reality EDI.jpeg

   or     Mt Buffalo Ballarat Intercomp.jpeg

   If you are still not sure how to do this please ask one of our members.

There is also a tutorial on resizing images on our Members Page in 'Docs and Downloads'