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November 2021 Monthly Competition

Open Prints A & B Grade
Open EDI A & B Grade

Judge: Ian Kemp

Madonna after Battista

D. Kelly Open Prints A-Grade 1st

Lake Abstract

S. McKiernan Open Prints A-Grade 2nd

Winki Pop

K. Suwitra Open Prints A-Grade 3rd

Reeds In Fog

C. Reichl Open Prints A-Grade Merit

Two Trees in Mist

S. Mahon Open Prints A-Grade Merit

Cumberland River

D. Rendle Open Prints B-Grade 1st

Covid 2021 Closed Borders

S. Neumann Open Prints B-Grade 2nd

The Pancake Prank

L. Fullarton Open Prints B-Grade 3rd

Alone Time

S. Davies Open Prints B-Grade Merit

Tree at Red Rock

G. Van Der Meer Open Prints B-Grade Merit


H. O'Flynn A/R EDI 1st

Alight at Last

H. O'Flynn A/R EDI 2nd

Skull Island

H. Prince A/R EDI 3rd

Sunset at Akubra

G. Russell A/R EDI Merit

Dragon Greeting

D. Bridge A/R EDI Merit

Working From Home in Old Hanoi

T. Reichl Open EDI A-Grade 1st

Wind Power

D. Kelly Open EDI A-Grade 2nd

Its Down Here Somewhere

S. Wilson Open EDI A-Grade 3rd

Boats at Moorings

C. Reichl Open EDI A-Grade Merit

A Head With No Hair

L. Holmes Open EDI B-Grade 1st

Redhead Matches

J. Wood Open EDI B-Grade 2nd

Horseshoe Falls

L. Abbott-Young Open EDI B-Grade 3rd

Misty in the Breeze

M. Kupresanin Open EDI B-Grade Merit

Anonymous Shinings

S. Davies Open EDI B-Grade Merit