New Set Subject Program

For the Competition year of August 2019 to June 2022 Set Subject will no longer be part of the monthly competition.

* There will be 3 set-subject challenges each year due in July, October and January.

* They will no longer be part of the monthly competitions.

* The images may be Print or EDI and they will be presented together.

* Each member may submit two entries to the challenge.

* There will be no A or B Grade.

* The membership in attendance on the night will choose the image/s that are deemed to  be the     most successful in addressing or interpreting  the Set Subject topic.

* This set subject challenge will not have aggregate points awarded.  Set Subject images cannot      be included in an End of Year portfolio unless they have been entered in a monthly competition    in the previous year.

* A judge/s selected from the membership shall critique the images prior to the night. The              membership shall then choose the best image/s by secret ballot.

*****2 entries per person: 2 prints or 2 EDI’s or one of each please. *****

* Prints must be submitted on the night of the challenge

(Note: Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, print entries may not be accepted)

* EDI's must be sent to the challenge organiser a week prior to the challenge. 


January 2022 Challenge.         Date Due : January 19th

"Iconic Geelong: A New Look at an Old Geelong Landmark"


EDI's must be sent to the organiser below no later than by Jan 19th.


Please send your EDI entries to:


July 2022 Challenge.               Date Due: July 6th