New Set Subject Program

For the Competition year of August 2019 to June 2020 Set Subject will no longer be part of the monthly competition.

* There will be 3 set-subject challenges each year due in July, October and January.

* They will no longer be part of the monthly competitions.

* The images may be Print or EDI and they will be presented together.

* Each member may submit two entries to the challenge.

* There will be no A or B Grade.

* The membership in attendance on the night will choose the image/s that are deemed to  be the     most successful in addressing or interpreting  the Set Subject topic.

* This set subject challenge will not have aggregate points awarded.  Set Subject images cannot      be included in an End of Year portfolio unless they have been entered in a monthly competition    in the previous year.

* A judge/s selected from the membership shall critique the images prior to the night. The              membership shall then choose the best image/s by secret ballot.

*****2 entries per person: 2 prints or 2 EDI’s or one of each please. *****

* Prints must be submitted on the night of the challenge

* EDI's must be sent to the challenge organiser a week prior to the challenge.  

The organiser's email address will be on the EDI upload page in 'Competitions' on the website.



October 2020 Challenge.  Date Due 30th Sept

"Out of Place"

Definition: Members must produce an image depicting something that is out of place of doesn't belong.  It can be as simple and subtle as a disrupted pattern or sequence or a dramatic depiction of something that doesn't belong.  It is important that environment and/or context be part of the image.  

EDI's must be sent to the organiser no later than September 30th.


Please send your EDI entries to:


January 2021 Challenge.  Date TBA


Definition: self-explanatory.